Simulation Tools will build models and graphic applications to your specifications. A typical project involves these steps. The most effective models are simple and small. They are based on the shapes and model packages, thereby minimizing design and debug time. They are easily updated and don't require any plugins or special downloads. All of these things minimize your total cost.

The users of your site enjoy the interactive graphics while they learn about your products, services and ideas.

A model is delivered as one or more files and/or archives. They contain java classes, sample html files and documentation for installation and operation. The applets will run on the internet, intranets and stand-alone computers with a browser or a java runtime enviroment.


Simulation Tools plans to make the base packages available as products for java developers. Currently, the packages are nearly complete and stable but the documentation and product packaging are not prepared. If you have a need for code or a description of the packages, please ask for special treatment.

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